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VCD ภาพยนตร์จีน เรื่อง ยาจกซู กังฟูฟ้าประทาน ชุด 1-3 : Kung Fu Beggar (Complete Set)
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Code: RBVCD24-900538700
Price: $114.95
VCD ภาพยนตร์จีน เรื่อง ยาจกซู กังฟูฟ้าประทาน ชุด 1-3 : Kung Fu Beggar(Complete Set)
  • Starring : Richard Ng, Yuen Qiu, Eva Huang, Pu Ye Dong, Danny Chan Kwok Kwan
  • Also known as: The King of Beggars / Kungfu Scholar
  • Chinese TV Series : Martial Arts
  • 24 Discs : Complete Set

    This incredible martial arts TV series tells the legendary story of So Chan. leader of the Beggar Clan. As the spoiled son in a rich family, he was an arrogant bully...until his fateful meeting with Ugly Girl, who encouraged him to participate in a Kung Fu competition held in the nation's capital. The competition proves to be the turning point in his life. and So becomes the infamously kindhearted leader of the Beggar Clan. helping the Emperor spread wealth and happiness throughout the country.

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